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How it works?

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The Confusing Part

We have 4 specially curated boxes for you to choose from. It's going to be tough.

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The Exciting Part

We would love to know a bit more about your pet.

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The Boring Part

Do the nitty gritty stuff with your details and checkout.

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The Hard Part

Your fluff can smell a surprise coming. Try and keep them calm.

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The Easy Part

We would love to know a bit more about your pet.

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The Challenging Part

You can even buy just a single product, but you won't be able to stop at one.

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The Repetitive Part

Let’s get this done. Just fill in the basic stuff about your details and checkout.

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The Anticipating Part

The waiting is the worst! Just hold on to your horses, we will get your custom built dog box delivered asap.

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The Unavoidable Part

Being a subscription, you have to sign up! Unfortunately there is no way out.

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The Important Part

To curate the perfect box, we would love to know more about your pet (Breed, Age, Preference)

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The Thinking Part

Choose the best suited plan and subscription period for you and your floof.

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The Relaxing Part

From now, we have you covered. Your pet's monthly supplies will be delivered right at your doorstep.

What is The dog box?

The Dog Box is our one-stop solution for all your dog care needs. Here you can Gift, Subscribe or Make Your Own Box filled with a whole host of Tail Chasing Toys, Drool Worthy Treats, Natural Grooming Products, Fashionable Accessories and Much More!

We have designed The Dog Box to be your furry friend’s personal assistant that carefully curates every box to meet their needs and preferences. All the while offering convenience, personalisation and variety at an exceptional value!

What's inside the box?

Unique Features

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Power of Choice

You can make a one time purchase with our Gifting section. Subscribe for fully personalised monthly deliveries. You can even Make your Own Box from scratch by picking from our range of products.

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B-A-P (Breed-Age-Preference)

Our boxes are curated and customised as per the needs of your dog. Thereby making it the ‘BAP’ of all boxes

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You’re the centre of our world

If you don’t like anything you receive, we will straighten it out

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For every box you buy, we feed a stray.

Our partners

We care about our customer’s experience

Aaheli Maity


Thank you so much for this lovely box..! Oreo loved it so so much that now he cannot stay without his fav carrot toy😂…! Though his barkday is on 23rd …! But he couldn’t wait to open it 😂…! Again on his barkday he will flaunt his gifts 😂.. thank you so much.

Niharika Prabhakaran


Hey hey! Just got you box and these are the cutest gifts ever! Pillow is going wild with them!! He’s going bonkers 😂 I love watching him this occupied !

Sanchit Goyal


The Dog Box was a treat for her. She went crazy for pookie the dragon. Hes her best mate now. The thing that appealed to us the most was the cause. They feed strays for every box we buy from them. That in itself sold the box to us

Tithi Shah


The complete solution to spoil your doggo rotten with the cutest merch!! This is the best gift I’ve received for Goofy, would definitely recommend it to others. The package was super personalized with toys, bandana, healing balm, treats, brownies and more🥰

Pradeep Saboo


The Dog Box has made life so easy! They are quick to respond, and always have the best deals to offer! This has been one of the best investments I have made for my pet!

Nikhita LN


My Luna absolutely loved it, we have always been searching for the perfect subscription box where we can customise it and I found the absolute best and perfect for my dog. Thank you so much, will surely buy again soon

Jennifer Pakianathan


What I like about is that they cater to a lot of needs of a pet; be it health, grooming or fun. Rio has always enjoyed the variety of treats and toys that are sent. We hoomans also, are always excited to see what's in the box of surprise when it arrives! Good job you guys, you help make our fur babies feel loved and happy

Adithya Bhardwaj


For the first time, we got The Dog Box for our Tesla on her birthday last year! She loved the treats that came along, and the toy has become her go-to favourite now. We adore seeing her eagerly waiting to open her Dog Box each time!

Sridevi T


When Bablu got his first dog box, he was scared of the box but loved the products... they are soo amazing...the toys were curated well and so were his treats and grooming products. Amazing experience.

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