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Subscription Boxes

The Dog Box, unlike its name, is for dogs, by dog lovers (at heart and loyalty wise) and of dog nation enthusiasts (yes, we are signing the petition soon). It is a monthly subscription that aims to be a one-stop solution for all your dog care needs. Besides being an assortment of food, treats, grooming products, toys, accessories, carefully selected to meet the preferences and growth requirements of your furry friend, it also is not meant to burn your pocket. It is a tiny step towards building an inclusive dog nation (there we said it!). Dog parents, time to join the battalion!

Well, everything that can get your dog their first date with that proud Pomeranian who would just not give a damn about them otherwise.

The Dog Box hosts pet care products like softening shampoos, fragrant colognes, mlem inducing treats, moisturising paw butters, and tail-chasing toys among a variety of products that are sure to delight your pet. So, go ahead and choose from our range of 3 wonderfully curated boxes of unconditional pet care.

P.S First impression is important, guys!

We offer 3 types of boxes, giving you the power to choose how you wish to pamper your furry babies! #

Each of these boxes has been carefully curated for your furry friends. It can also be customised as per their la di da personas! So you don't have to worry about not getting what you need. There is a box catering to every woof under any roof! Did that rhyme scheme land properly? Well, even if that didn’t, we are sure, our boxes will land at your doorsteps properly and on time!

Each of these boxes has been carefully curated by our experts at The Dog Box. It can be customised as per their needs. You just have to list their BAP requirements and we will get your unique buds what they deserve!

Additionally, we try our level best to accommodate all allergy needs. We normally ask you to tell us about it prior to payment so we can curate the boxes according to your needs. However if you do miss out on any of the details, you can always change it at your customer dashboard or write to us at

We ask you to pick the size of your dog and input your dog’s age while registering. By doing so we automatically know what age bracket your furry little friend fits in.

So if you have a puppy you will get a box suited for the little one, and when he/she grows into an adult, the box will automatically adapt and evolve to its needs. There is nothing to worry about since we have all your bases covered.

ALAS! we wouldn’t send you anything we don’t give to our pups ourselves. The treats and toys are sourced from some of the best brands in the market with a strong emphasis on quality. However, we recommend that you supervise your dog during playtime since the playing pattern differs for every dog.

The grooming products we give are mostly natural and organic and are from some of the industry-leading players in the field. We are confident that you won't have a problem with them. However, you know your pet the best and we would recommend you to understand the product and its contents before use, especially to avoid any allergic reactions. Happy playing! ☺

We run, drive and fly with our boxes to ensure that our boxes reach you at the earliest. It can take anywhere between 3-5 business days to be delivered.

We wouldn’t send you anything our pups don’t love. We try our level best at making your experience the best. The boxes are customised and curated according to the details you provide us. So we are sure that you will be satisfied with our boxes. In the unlikely event that we mess up, you can always woof woof at us at and we will get back on our best behaviour and help clean up the mess we created.

You can always login to your customer dashboard and make changes like edit your dogs tastes and preferences, customer details etc.

If there is something that doesn't fit your dog or you in the box that we sent you, we would request you to contact our team at within 7 days of receiving the box. We will do our best to ensure that both you and your pet have a sound sleep.

All subscription plans shall be renewed automatically at the end of the commitment or subscription period unless you cancel your renewal before the date that your renewal is due!

Thus, on the renewal date, we will automatically charge you for the renewal of your subscription (based on your current subscription plan), from your saved payment method.

Renewal of the subscription can be cancelled at any time before your renewal date by logging into the ‘my account section’ of the website or by connecting with our team at

The renewal date for any subscription is usually during the first week of the month in which your renewal is due.

You can find the renewal date by logging into the ‘my account’ section of the website.

You will be billed right after you complete the registration process as per the subscription plan that you have chosen.

Further, as per our renewal policy, unless you cancel the subscription before the renewal date, you will be charged for the renewal of your subscription on the renewal date through your saved payment method.

We dedicate ourselves to making ‘The Dog Box’ better for your dog and you! If something isn't working for you, we would request you to reach out to us at or Whatsapp us at +919513918181 with your concern and we will do all we can to make your experience better. Additionally, once you have subscribed to a plan, as per the terms of service, we cannot cancel the plan earlier than the scheduled renewal of the plan. This being said, if there is an exceptional circumstance due to which you would want to cancel your plan before its renewal date, we would request you to contact us at

If you are facing any issues with delivery, missing items or anything else, just holler at us on or whatsapp us at +919513918181 and we will try and our best to help you out.

Alternatively, you can also reach out to us at our social media handles.

Gift Boxes

Our Gift boxes are essentially one time purchase boxes that are specially curated to pamper your or your family/friends pupper. Each box has a pre-set number of products that are carefully selected and put together in the box, thereby creating the perfect dog box! So go ahead, get gifting and indulge your pet with The Dog Box!

Each of our gift boxes include a variety of Tail Chasing Toys, Mlem Inducing Treats, Dapper Grooming Products, Stylish Accessories and Much More. You can find exactly what is in each box when you choose the box

We have four types of gift Boxes, each with its own set of benefits and surprises. They range from Rs 990 – Rs 2490. You can even add on special items to you box from our add on section.

Curated contents cannot be picked from the gift box section. However, if you would like to pick exactly what you need you can visit our Make your Own Box/Shop Section and choose exactly what you need from our wide curation of products.

You can always add, products in the gift boxes from the add on’s section before checking out. Unfortunately, you cannot minus, subtract, or substitute products from the gift box section. In such a scenario, we would recommend you to visit out shop section (hyperlink) wherein you can build or make your own box with exactly what you need.

Yes, the contents of each gift box change with every month. So, you will almost never receive the same items. You can hence gift and pamper your pup with new goodies every month!

Yes, the boxes you choose form the Gift Box section are one-time purchase boxes or gift boxes.

Yes, the box can be gifted to a friend directly. You just have to provide the delivery address of your friend in the address section and we will get it executed.

Yes, you can surprise a friend by punching his address of delivery and adding a customised note.

Yes, personalised custom messages can be added to the gift box. At a small service charge. Just choose the add message option before checkout and type in your message.

Yes, personalised custom messages can be added to the gift box at a small service charge. Just choose the add message option at checkout and request for the

Yes, we do have veggie Gift Box. Check the veg option while choosing the type of box and the contents of the box that you receive will be 100% Vegetarian.

You can get these special additions in to the box by choosing them from the Add On’s section before checkout.

Payment options include Debit Cards, Credit Cards, UPI, Net Banking etc. We also have Cash on Delivery as an option.

Yes, we heard you! We do have a cash on delivery option for you.

Yes, it is possible. Do get in touch with the team at so we can block a calendar date for that special occasion. We recommend you do so atleast a week in advance so that we can ensure the needful is done without the slightest of complications

Yes, you can log into your account and check the status of your gift box at any point. We also send you a tracking link on your email.

Lucky you! Just punch in the respective coupon code before you check out and voila you have that special discount

Its really easy, just select the gift box option, choose the gift box that suits you best, fill in your details and checkout. It is that easy! Or you want a specific item in your box? Just visit our shop section and make your own box! Still confused? Just hit us up or WhatsApp us at +91 9513918181 and we will get guide you through the process

Make Your Own Box

The make your own box section is designed specifically to let you decide exactly what you want in the box for your doggo. It essentially lets you build the box as per you and your dog’s exact needs and requirements.

You simple have to go the make your own box section/Shop Section, and start adding the products to your box. You can choose from our wide variety of products and add them to your box as per your need. Pro Tip: Higher the Box value, greater is the discount that you can get!

We have a wide range of products in our lineup! You can find a host of Tail Chasing Toys, Mlem Inducing Treats, Dapper Grooming Products, Stylish Accessories and Much More to build your own box from!

We don’t have a minimum billing value! What this means is that you can buy just one product or even 10! It is entirely up to you!

Well, Yes and No :P So, the delivery charge really depends on the value of the items in the box! If the combined billing value of the box if more than Rs 800 we offer free delivery! However, if the billed box value is below Rs 800, we do charge you a nominal delivery fee.

If the billing value of your box is greater than Rs 1000, then you get a guaranteed additional discount. Furthermore, as you keep increasing the box value, the discount that you are eligible for also keeps on increasing! Simply put, the higher the value of the box the greater the discount will be! So go and get shopping! To know the exact value of the discount you are eligible for, please visit the make your box section and find the coupon codes associated with the respective box values.

When you visit the make your box page, you will find discount codes associated with their corresponding box values! All you have do is apply the eligible code before checkout and you will have availed your special discount!

Yes, you can! We have a host of vegetarian treats you can choose from!

Yes, you can create and gift a box that you just made! All you have to do is input the delivery address of the lucky recipient in the address field and we will ensure that the gift box that you have built for them gets delivered right to their doorstep!

Payment options include Debit Cards, Credit Cards, UPI, Net Banking etc. We also have Cash on Delivery as an option.

Yes, we heard you! We do have a cash on delivery option for you.

Yes, you can log into your account and check the status of you’re the box you have built at any point. We also send you a tracking link on your email.

Don’t worry, we are here to help? Just hit us up or WhatsApp/call us at +91 9513918181 and we will do our best to help you out!

Beyond the Box

We started out with a mission to create a unique customer experience for the pet parents and the dogs. At The Dog Box we believe we can make the world a better place for dogs and their folks. We have partnered with various shelters, rescues and canine clubs to help our four legged friends.

We are always on the lookout for fresh new talent. If you feel you fit into our culture please email us your resume/cv to along with the position that you feel you are best suited for.

To partner with us or onboard your brands products onto our platform, please write an email to and attach your brand details, social media handles, product catalogue and any other information that you might seem fit.

It's incredible to meet pup-like lovers such as yourself! Thank you for wanting to make The Dog Box part of your event!

We at The Dog Box are committed to helping animal care organisations and events. If you could reach out to us with the details and requirements we will try our best to help you out.

We constantly have fun and exciting activities happening at our offices! Just contact us at or WhatsApp us at +91 9513918181 asking for the latest feature activity that we are running and get a chance to get featured on our page!

You can send in absolutely anything, as long as it is dog related! From a personal story/experience to an informative piece! Hell, it can even be a poem! We will evaluate it and get it published! And of course, we will give you credits for it! You can send in your masterpiece to us at along with any accompanying pictures, references etc.

Drop us a mail at and we will get back to you with regards to your query.

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